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Trainings and Technical Assistance

CAHC sponsors regional trainings on a variety of adolescent health issues  and provides technical assistance to public and community-based organizations dedicated to improving adolescent health.  We can provide technical assistance that is tailored to your programmatic or capacity development needs including:

  • Direct Technical Assistance and Consultation – CAHC staff can provide you and your staff with customized resources and support to advance your adolescent health work.
  • Use of Data – To support the use of data in adolescent health promotion, CAHC produces a variety of data reports and provides technical assistance in using data.
  • Trainings and Workshops – CAHC offers a variety of trainings that can be provided to your community or region.   We can work with you to coordinate and conduct outreach for the training or workshop.  We offer the following topics: Minor Consent and Confidentiality, Adolescent Relationship Abuse, Sexual and Reproductive Health of Youth in Foster Care, Positive Youth Development, Adolescent Development, Core Competencies for Providers of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care.  Read more below about several of these training.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Minor Consent and Confidentiality Training Opportunity For CA Adolescent Health Providers

This workshop reviews practice standards and guidelines, policy issues, and other information on minor consent/confidentiality, including an overview of FERPA and HIPAA. Case scenarios for a variety of youth-serving settings will be presented for discussion and questions.

The workshop reviews the Understanding Confidentiality & Minor Consent in California: An Adolescent Provider Toolkit.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify situations in which an adolescent has the right to consent and confidentiality
  • Explain consent and confidentiality to a minor and their family.
  • Better understand rules and laws that apply to record and information sharing between providers and organizations.

Contact CAHC for more information.


Promoting the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Youth in Foster Care Trainings
In this training child welfare and health care professionals will learn about the sexual and
reproductive health of youth in foster care and how to address challenges and barriers to promoting
their sexual and reproductive health.  Through self-assessment, case studies and group conversations,
participants will consider approaches to communicating with teens about sexual and reproductive
health topics and discuss policies or program practices that can improve the sexual and reproductive
health of youth.

At the end of this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the sexual and reproductive health needs of youth in foster care.
  • Recognize barriers to promoting sexual and reproductive health of youth in foster care.
  • Assess their experience communicating with youth about sexual and reproductive health topics.
  • Explore potential opportunities to initiate conversations with youth about sexual and reproductive health.
  • Identify existing or needed policies, programs or resources in their community that can promote sexual and reproductive health for their teen clients.

Contact CAHC for more information or to book a training.

Behavioral Health Training Opportunity For CA Adolescent Health Providers

This training is designed for primary care providers and can also be adapted for others involved in the care of adolescents. All participants will receive a copy of the Adolescent Health Working Group (AHWG) Behavioral Health Module of the Adolescent Provider Toolkit Series!  At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their practice for readiness to engage in behavioral health assessment and interventions with youth and their families.
  • Complete a screening behavioral assessment with adolescent clients and their families.
  • Assess the urgency of behavioral health issues in adolescents
  • Make community behavioral health referrals that are culturally sensitive and appropriate for youth and families
  • Assist youth and their families to follow through on behavioral health referrals

To schedule a Behavioral Health Training in your area, please  contact us.

To view and download the Toolkit for free please visit

The Value of Using Core Competencies for Adolescent Sexual Health Providers                           

What are the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes that every provider of adolescent sexual and reproductive health should possess?  Learn the basics of a competency-base approach and learn a lot about yourself along the way.


Using Core Competencies Human Resource Toolkit

Learn new tools for performance evaluation and program assessment including identifying current staff needs and challenges, developing a plan for staff development needs and model the ways that the core competencies can be applied for recruitment, hiring and training staff.


Positive Youth Development Training

This training provides an introduction to the theory and principles of Positive Youth Development, such as understanding resilience and internal and external assets.   Through interactive activities, participants will gain ideas and skills for translating theory in concrete Positive Youth Development strategies that can be integrated into their adolescent health programs or policies.  Content, activities and examples can be tailored to specific communities or program types.