"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people."

- Elizabeth Green

Staff - Alison

Alison Chopel, MPH, DrPH


Alison Chopel has been working with youth for over a decade, both in the US and abroad. In addition to her passion for adolescent health, she brings skills and knowledge in participatory research, social epidemiology, and youth leadership development to the Collaborative. Alison’s passion for enabling young people to fulfill their potential stems from her own experiences with abuse, homelessness, and pregnancy in her youth. Thanks to a caring and supportive mentor, she overcame her earlier challenges, pursued a career in youth development, and is now working towards providing all youth with the opportunity to thrive.

Email: Alison.Chopel@phi.org | Phone: (510) 500-5993

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Julia Zeuli, MPH


Julia Zeuli has extensive experience working in domestic and international sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and youth leadership development. She was the Regional Coordinator of an international youth leadership program and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras. Julia is a native San Franciscan and Spanish speaker. She enjoys spending time with her toddler son, cooking, and rummaging through thrift stores. One day soon, she plans on clearing out her yard so she can grow her own herbs and vegetables.

Email: Julia.Zeuli@phi.org | Phone: (510) 359-7238

Staff - Chelsey

Chelsey Little


Chelsey Little comes to the California Adolescent Health Collaborative with over five years of contract and budget management experience. She is passionate about systems creation and implementation. She enjoys facilitating and overseeing complicated procedures/processes and looks forward to supporting CAHC in this capacity. Chelsey grew up in Austin, Texas as one of five children in a low income household with one primary breadwinner. The first in her family to go to college, she graduated from Stanford University with Distinction and a BA in English Literature. Having benefited from the generosity and diligent attention of caring adults during her own adolescence, Chelsey is well aware of the village it can take to bring resources, opportunities, and helpful information to otherwise underserved or unsupported youth. For this reason, she is excited to be able to work behind the scenes to support CAHC projects and goals.

Email: Chelsey.Little@phi.org | Phone: (510) 788-7557

Robert Lee, MAEd


Robert Lee has years of experience in developing curriculum and educating urban youth in both math and the physical sciences. In addition, he has experience working as community health volunteer for the Berkeley Free Clinic for almost a decade. He is passionate about empowering youth through mentoring, youth leadership development, teen health awareness, and college-bound education. Robert is a Sacramento native, but loves the Bay Area. When he is not busy working hard, he is running obstacle-course races (like Tough Mudder and the Spartan Races), hiking around the Yosemite Valley, or disc golfing around the Bay Area.

Email: Robert.Lee@phi.org | Phone: (415) 625-3910

Elva Castellaños


Elva Castellaños was born in Mexico and raised in San Francisco, California. She started her tenure at the Public Health Institute over 6 years ago and has worked in a variety of roles, including international public health programs.  She strives to bring empathy, respect, humility and of course, humor to her work place.  One of Elva’s dreams is to see her two kids graduate from University.

Email: ECastellanos@phi.org | Phone: (510) 285-5693


Lindsey Salcido


Lindsey Salcido comes to us with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a passion for Public Health and well-being. She is a native to the Central Valley and provides a local understanding of the social and health obstacles of the Central Valley. She loves spending time with her family and crafting away for various holidays. Her recent passion is renovating her home. 

Email: Lindsey.Salcido@phi.org | Phone: (209) 761-9295

Aayala Farrior


Aayala Farrior is a recent high school graduate and plans to attend Santa Monica Community College to study Journalism. For several years, Aayala has worked for Youth Radio and is one of the original M.E.T.A. Oakland researchers. Tobacco prevention is an important issue to Aayala because early in life, she was exposed to people in her community who were addicted to alcohol and tobacco products. As a result, she has lost relatives and peers to preventable injuries, cancer and other smoking related conditions. This has inspired Aayala to use research and tobacco control policy to dissuade her peers from tobacco use. Aayala aspires to be a television personality and host of a talk show where should would discuss important social issues effecting youth and young adults. 

Elizabeth Matute


Elizabeth Matute is currently attending Laney College. She hopes to transfer to Harvard, Stanford, or Yale to study Law. In addition to working at Youth Radio as a Communications Intern, Elizabeth is engaged in two Public Health Institute projects at the Collaborative—she is a co-researcher on the M.E.T.A. Oakland project and Breast Feeding research project. Tobacco prevention is an important to Elizabeth because she notices how media, marketing and entertainment have targeted youth of color and encouraged her peers to smoke. Elizabeth is a 2016 Alameda County Tobacco Policy Leadership Institute fellow. Ultimately, Elizabeth wants to become a Probation Officer and philanthropist. 

Email: Elizabeth.matute@phi.org

Namiye Peoples


Namiye Peoples is an outgoing, high school senior, lead Chef at Youth Radio and co-researcher on the M.E.T.A. Oakland project.  She became interested in tobacco research because she noticed that smoking among her family members was influenced by tobacco advertising that targeted African-Americans. Tobacco control policy became an important advocacy issue to her because she believes that decreasing access to tobacco can reduce the opportunity for youth to form the habit. Namiye has been working at youth Radio for 3 years and gained skills in graphic design, studio engineering, journalism, and now mental health. Her future goals are to graduate from high school, attend UCLA to major in a health science and study abroad in Dubai.