Breastfeeding Among Young Mothers



The purpose of this study was to understand how breastfeeding behavior modification can enable breast cancer risk reduction among young, diverse mothers. This study used community-based participatory research to investigate multi-level (social and structural) barriers and facilitators of breastfeeding in this vulnerable population.


  • Identify social and structural barriers to breastfeeding among young mothers

  • Learn motivators of breastfeeding for young mothers during their child’s first year.

  • Develop a community-driven policy or programmatic intervention in our target population.


Brighter Beginnings, Dani Soto (Co-Investigator)


California Breast Cancer Research Program at the University of California, Office of the President


CAHC's Breastfeeding Among Young Mothers research project was featured this February by Alec Rosenberg of the UC Newsroom. Read the article on our Blog or on the University of California website.

Infant Feeding Choices: Research with Young Mothers

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