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Youth Voices

What do youth have to say about health issues? Across the state, people are working with youth and collecting their perspectives on health issues through interviews, focus groups, surveys, youth-led assessments etc. Unfortunately, others usually only see this information after it has been summarized in a report by adults.

This section of our web site presents the original voices of youth on various topics. It is designed to enable us all to learn directly from youth by sharing their voices on health-related issues. This section of our web site is designed to make it easier for adults to hear what youth have to say on health-related topics, directly from youth themselves. These youth voices are a captivating and refreshing change from conventional adult-written reports.

How you can use this information:

  1. Gather new ideas for programs and services by hearing youth perspectives.
  2. Learn more about a specific health topic by reading what youth have to say about it.
  3. Review what others have done before designing your own questions for youth. Build on the work of others and don’t reinvent the wheel! Follow-up for more information if needed.
  4. Use quotations from youth in publications or other written materials (please cite the source appropriately).