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CAHC Contact list outlines which staff person should be contacted for particular issues/questions.  

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nFORM Program Completion, Exit Surveys, and QPR/PPR Reporting: This guidance provides suggestions on how to designate clients in nFORM as they complete, drop out, or otherwise end their involvement in a program. It also discusses implications.

nFORM Enrollment Targets: When to Request Changes, and How: This document provides guidance on when changes to enrollment targets can be made, and when appropriate, what steps to take to revise targets.

nFORM User ManualThis manual provides a detailed description of the Information, Family Outcomes, Reporting, and Management (nFORM) system, which Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) grantees will use to collect, store, and analyze performance measure data required by the Administration for Children and Families. The manual is designed as a reference for grantees to use throughout the project. It provides answers to many of the questions grantees may have as they use the nFORM system. If grantees cannot find answers to their questions in this manual, they may ask the nFORM Help Desk to obtain assistance. The nFORM Help Desk is described in Module II of this manual. 

2015 Grantee Performance Measure and Data Collection LogisticsThis is a guidance document which provides best practice approaches to logistics around collecting performance measure data. This document is in development and will be updated. Not every situation is addressed in this document. In all situations, we suggest developing a comprehensive plan for your specific programming context along with your FPS.  

nFORM FAQs and AnswersQuestions were received during the Grantee Entrance Conference, by email or phone and at the March grantee training webinar on performance measures. Materials from the March webinar are available at the HMRF grantee technical assistance portal. 


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H-REP Partner Finance Presentation on Invoicing, Agreements, and Amendments: All Partner Meeting, November 30, 2016 

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