Your support matters

Give what you can

At CAHC, we believe in the power of giving. Every day, CAHC staff and partner organizations give their time, talent, and energy all with the end goal of positively impacting the health and well-being of California’s adolescents. From our healthy relationship education programing in Merced & Stanislaus Counties, to supporting health equity academy programming in an Oakland high school, CAHC works tirelessly to utilize its resources, both human and financial, to empower youth to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, and to know that their lives, their needs, and their voices, matter. 


Financial Support

If you’d like to contribute to the work that CAHC does with adolescents and adolescent-serving organizations in California, we encourage you to GIVE today! Whether it’s a one-time donation, or a monthly contribution, any amount you can give will go towards supporting CAHC’s mission & work as informed by our values.

Click the link above to donate online today! Added bonus: as a donation to a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible!


  • Incentives for youth participation in program activities

  • Food for meetings with youth

  • Materials and supplies for trainings of youth and youth educators

  • Funding for Youth Leadership Team development

  • Funding for grant proposal development