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  • Internet Links to Adolescent Health Data
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Internet Links to Adolescent Health Data



CHIS is the nation’s largest state health survey. A random-dial telephone survey conducted every two years on a wide range of health topics, CHIS data gives a detailed picture of the health and health care needs of California’s large and diverse population.


Kids Data

Comprehensive data about the health and well being of children across California for every city, county, and school district in the state, making it easy to monitor trends and pinpoint disparities.


California Department of Public Health Data

Access to public health data and information, such as queries, resources, statistics, surveys, informatics, GIS, and health indicators.


National Center for Health Statistics

Source of facts, figures, data, and statistics on all health areas.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Trends and statistics on drug abuse, with a focus on teens.


National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Healthy Youth


Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

Examines a range of health-risk behaviors among youth on national and local levels.


California Healthy Kids Survey

A resource for questionnaires, surveys, data, and reports all pertaining to the health and risk behavior of youth across the state.


Child Trends DataBank

A large data source for national trends on indicators of the well-being of youth. Contains graphs, tables, reports, and links providing more information on local levels and more specific data.


Child Trends- What Works in Youth Development

This website contains data tables based on reviews of research on reproductive health, health and safety, social competence, education, emotional and mental health and civic engagement. Provides suggestions and ideas on what is really effective in youth-oriented services and programs.


Census 2000 for California: A Friendly Guide

A comprehensible summary of the 2000 Census results, providing inclusive data on population demographics, with individual profiles of age groups, ethnicity, and people living within group quarters and housing units.


Monitoring the Future- A Continuing Study of American Youth

A wide variety of publications, news releases and reports on substance abuse among teens.