žThe Castlemont Health Equity Academy (CHEA) project seeks to activate students as agents of change by developing their knowledge of self, including strengths, interests, and leadership; deepening their understanding of the connections between population patterns of health/disease and social systems/institutions, and supporting opportunities to practice skills and apply knowledge through work-based learning and action research. 


  • žEncourage expression of creativity and emotion for healing, and by exploring connections between academic content, the arts, and students’ full lives.

  • Collectively co-create pathway culture and enable educators and students to actively disrupt patterns of oppression through active inclusion and openly confronting challenges in the classrooms and school-wide.



Robert Lee, MAEd


žAtlantic Philanthropies (through Oakland Unified School District)


Castlemont Health Equity Academy was featured in the Castlemont Pathways Fall 2016 Newsletter! Check it out: