YTH Live 2018!

CAHC would like to give “kudos” to Tom Torlaksen and Sharla Smith of the CA Dept. of Education for prioritizing students' sexual health and relationships! Check out ASHWG for more information on inter-sectoral, statewide leadership in this area! 

Tom wrote in a recent YTH email:

For nearly 100 years, adults around the world have wrangled with the rights of young people. From the Declaration of the Rights of the Child to #MarchForOurLives, youth rights can no longer be kicked into the future. The time is now for adults to enshrine the idea of young people as rights-holding individuals. Their safety in this world is of critical importance, it is a human right and extends into their digital lives.
All too often, adults develop technology for young people, without considering how it might negatively impact their rights, their safety, and their freedoms. Recognizing the urgency of developing a rights-based approach to technology for youth, the opening plenary of YTH Live 2018 will amplify the voices of advocates who are leading these conversations at the national and global levels. We will hear about the work being done by youth leaders and civil liberty groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)George Hofstetter, and YTH's Youth Advisory Board, in fighting for the rights of young people in the digital world.

CAHC and many of our youth partners and adult allies will be at YTH Live 2018, with CHEA, H-REP, and Project PARTNER representing.

In fact, Project PARTNER will be presenting! Check out the presentation description below:

Engaging Youth in Research

Youth today are some of the most active avid users of technology, yet digital outreach and digital privacy still remains difficult for many healthcare providers and researchers. So why not streamline the process by involving youth and young adults alike? Come learn how speakers from the University of Pennsylvania and California Adolescent Health Collaborative are using new and on the ground research methods to engage youth users in the adoption of data collection and how these methods are shaping the way we use tech!

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