Young Mothers Research (YMR) Present at the 8th Annual California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit

The California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC) was accepted to present at the 8th annual California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit! This event took place in San Diego on January 24th and 25th and at the event, YMR representatives showcased the “Young Mothers’ Infant Feeding Study” and the accomplishments of the project. CAHC presented the findings from the study on factors impacting breastfeeding among young mothers. 

CAHC would like to thank Ruth Konoff and Tina Benitez for taking the time to present the YMR project findings at the conference that week and for agreeing to present them again at the upcoming International Lactation Consultant Association. The International Lactation Consultant Association likewise accepted the YMR project abstract, noting it “as one of the top-scoring research abstracts, selected for an Oral Research Presentation”. The conference, “TOGETHER: Changing YOUR Community and the World,” will be held July 18th through the 21st, this year at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The presentations will explore the "Social and Structural Factors that Impact Young Mothers’ Infant Feeding Behaviors: Community-Based Participatory Research with Diverse Young Mothers and Providers."

Please go to our website to learn more about our project:

Ruth and Tina Presenting Poster.jpg

Pictured are our Advisory Board Members Ruth Konoff (left) and Tina Benitez (Right) getting ready to present at the 8th Annual California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit!