Because Adolescents Matter Now

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Advisory Council

Beth Chaton, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator
After School Programs & Redwood EdVentures
Humboldt County Office of Education

Rebecca Gudeman, JD, MPA
Senior Attorney
National Center for Youth Law

Claire Brindis, DrPH
Director, Institute for Health Policy Studies
University of California, San Francisco

Charlene Clemens, MPA
Consultant, Teen and Family Services

John Elfers
Program Coordinator
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

Robert Gilchick, MD, MPH

Director, Child and Adolescent Health
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Programs
County of Los Angeles Public Health

Sang Leng Trieu, DrPH, MPH, CHES
Program Manager
Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health

Catherine Lopez, M.Ed.
Child Health Coordinator
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program
California Department of Public Health

Tomás Magaña, MD, MA, FAAP

Lead Physician, Fuente Wellness Center,
La Clinica de La Raza, Director,
FACES for the Future Coalition,
Public Health Institute

Mark Mitchinson
HIV Prevention Education Program,
Siskiyou County Office of Education

Nicole Monastersky Maderas, MPH

Consultant Reproductive Health and Pharmacy Community Specialist

Matt Moyer, MPH
Director of Family Planning Programs
California Family Health Council

Arlene Schneir, MPH
Associate Director
Division of Adolescent Medicine, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

Sarah Rodriguez’G, MS
Adolescent Health Working Group

Kim West, MD, MPH
Adolescent Health Specialist
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Programs, County of Los Angeles Public Health

Eileen Yamada, MD, MPH
Public Health Medical Officer
Immunization Branch, California Department of Public Health