Because Adolescents Matter Now

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About the California Adolescent Health Collaborative

California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC), a project of the Public Health Institute, is a public-private statewide coalition of individuals and organizations that works to increase understanding and support of adolescent health and well-being in California.

CAHC grew out of the initiative, commitment, and perseverance of a core group of individuals who attended a four-state conference held in 1995 to review states’ efforts to promote adolescent health. At that time, there was no existing statewide organization in California with a mission to address adolescent health and well-being from a non-categorical, multidisciplinary perspective. This core group continued to meet regularly and involve new members. By January 2001, with support from the California State Department of Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Branch, CAHC released California’s first statewide strategic plan for adolescent health, Investing in Adolescent Health: A Social Imperative for California’s Future. The plan has served as a model for adolescent health initiatives in California’s counties and in other states.

Who We Are

A Steering Committee of experts in adolescent health and wellness guides the work and focus of CAHC. Over 2,000 professionals involved with clinical care, policy development, research, public health, youth development, advocacy, legal aid, schools and youth services are part of the CAHC’s statewide network. Membership in CAHC and participation on the Steering Committee are open to all interested individuals. Please sign up to be a member or contact us about joining the Steering Committee.

Over the years, the CAHC has received support from the California Family Health Council, The California Wellness Foundation, the Sierra Health Foundation, Lucile Packard Foundation, MCAH Program, California Department of Public Health, Compton Foundation, McKesson, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice, and The California Endowment.

Why We Are Here

The tremendous social, economic, and demographic changes that lie ahead place our state at an important crossroads.  The challenge is to ensure that all of California’s teens have the support they need for healthy development and a smooth transition to adulthood.

What We Do

  • Convening – CAHC brings together groups of adolescent health providers, researchers, policy makers, educators and advocates to share knowledge, resources and information about issues related to adolescent health. Some of our meeting topics include: foster care, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, utilization of health services, and budget issues.
  • Training, Technical Assistance and Education – CAHC sponsors regional trainings on a variety of adolescent health issues, a biennial statewide adolescent health conference, and provides technical assistance to public and community-based organizations dedicated to improving adolescent health.
  • Resource & Data Dissemination – CAHC maintains a comprehensive website, sends out quarterly newsletters, and releases a variety of publications on up-to-date adolescent health trends, data, and resources.
  • Advocacy – CAHC keeps constituents informed of local, state and national legislation and policies related to adolescent health, and develops policy recommendations for members to utilize in their own policy work.