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Partnering with youth to change systems.


CAHC aims to protect and improve the wellness of California's youth by building capacity in systems and seeding innovation through research. We strengthen the systems and organizations that support California's adolescents so that young people have the knowledge, skills, and resources to make a healthy transition to adulthood. In addition, we strive to connect the financial and human resources of the urban Bay Area with the nearby rural Central Valley. 

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The Collaborative has taken the lead in developing and implementing two major projects that aim to address adolescent relationship abuse, its contributors (economic under-development), and its impacts on mental and physical health. Youth leaders in Merced and Stanislaus counties, as well as youth-serving organizations from multiple sectors collaborate as invaluable partners in this systems change work. 

Learn more about our Central Valley projects and partnerships—Healthy Haven, funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation, and Healthy Relationships and Economic Pathways (H-REP), funded by the Office of Family Assistance, DHHS. 

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The Collaborative is engaged in three Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) projects in the Bay Area. With great diversity, multiple innovative youth-serving organizations, and lots of brilliant, passionate, and activated young people, the Bay Area is an ideal geographic setting for cutting edge research. In addition, we are collaborating with partners to address some of the intense vulnerabilities this urban area is burdened with, especially commercial sex trafficking of minors. Another way we are working to address these vulnerabilities is by working with educators in the East Oakland to build the capacity of high school students as public health leaders and change agents through co-developing a public health Academy focused on social determinants of health and health equity. 

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